Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Man I Will Marry

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give or take a few things...


  1. To add to that on my list:

    Carries me off on random adventures (like camping or road trips, or to other countries..), can spin me around on a dance floor, and likes thai food..and cocktails. :) I got pretty lucky with my beau, I have to admit. Although swap the British accent for a Brooklyn one & I think I'd kill him if he woke me up and took me out in a thunderstorm, but that's because I'm cranky when I'm tired.

  2. it's good to have a list like this. i had one and hubs fit the bill. :) keeps you focused. lol.

    i also have a friend who has a list of no no's. if a man has more than one, he's out no matter what. the list goes as follows:

    can not:

    be left handed
    us a PC computer
    own a cat.

    strict rules, but hilarious.

  3. hahaha. that list of no no's is too funny :)

  4. Damn, I wouldn't mind my man to look like this!

  5. I also want those things. If only..

  6. Totallly agreee with this list.

  7. I really love this list :) !
    And I'm pretty lucky : my boyfriend corresponds to some great points :D


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