Thursday, February 11, 2010


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I have been cursed with a fever and  an outrageously sore throat all day. 
Just took some Nyquil so I should be on my way to dream land soon.
p.s. I like when boys stick around to just hang even when u look like absolute shit and ur probably contagious...Dayum. 

Cuteness note: 
My Dad saw the Rosa Cha bikini on my blog and told my mom that he'd like to get it for me. 
Unfortunately that one is sold out in my size but i found perfect one on the intermix website. 
Thanks Dad, You are the greatest :)

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Vogue Asutralia
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  1. i love that Rosa Cha bikini too! you're so lucky :)
    im new to blogging, follow me on:

  2. all these images would make me feel better. get betttttter

  3. Aww, I hope you feel better soon! I know a thing or two about being sick, and it's always nicer when you have someone to keep you company. Your guy sounds like a keeper. :)


  4. I wish I looked like that first photo while i'm sick! or even while i'm totally healthy with a good hair day!
    Feel better soon.


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