Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get it Right, Get it Tight

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I am well aware that just about all of america uses the new year as an excuse to get fit and in shape. 
and I too, am jumping on that band wagon in full force. 
I try to stay fairly active however, what i eat is a whole other obstacle. 
I love bad, greasy, cheesy, sugary foods. 
I have a major obsession with taco bell and i would never never NEVER be able to eat off of the "diet menu"...
The menu takes out everything that i love about t-bell in the first place. 

So without giving up taco bell, i will try my hardest to treat my body as a temple.
Because frankly, it's the only body i will ever have. 
Here's a lil inspiration.

My friend and i went out last night and most of us only had one drink. 
GOOD for us. right?!
It was quite entertaining watching everyone stumble around the bar.

Also, I am totally diggin this fitness class that is offered at snap fitness. 
Zumba. It's an hour long dance fitness class.
Talk about total body workout!

Do you have any get fit plans for the new year?!


  1. jillian michaels 30 days shred will open your eyes to how weak we really are, but also to how we can be STRONG! :)

    and get there beautifully and fast :)

    you should try it!

  2. beautiful pictures! plz comment on my blog xxxxxxx i want to get fitter, but i would never b able 2 keep my resoulution

  3. Great pictures! I love the 3rd one! The girl is so pretty. Hmmm, I know I should start thinking about getting in shape again, but have no idea where to start.

  4. yayayayaya INSPIRATION post.

    quite cute.


  5. skinny mini pics! I am just starting to get back on the treadmill-my downfall is pizza xo

  6. i always get exited when i see you posted because you always post the cutest things :) and i too jumped on the badwagon at first but got off ont he first stop, hahah im eating chocolates and have a bag of chips in my purse too, haha i have been wanting to try out zumba really bad!!
    good luck!

  7. Hi! I love your blog and the pictures and all other wonderful stuff!

    amazing blog!

    nice greetz,

  8. haha, I hear ya...I can stay active but I love junk food, soda and sweets! It is too hard to eat good! I am motivated right now cuz my bf and I are going to MX next month. It seems like the only time I am good is if I am going to be in a bikini haha...good luck ;)

  9. the first pic is yummy-makes me crave sugar! lol

  10. Yea, everyone is on the bandwagon. Classes are such a fun way to go but if you want faster results the gym is still the way.

    I started last oct and swtiched from regular running (medium pace 1hour) to only 20 min high intensity interval training guided by a superfit friend.I'm loving the results(and the time i save)!

    Have fun at your classes :)

  11. Gorgeous pics!
    X, fashionnerdic.

  12. Gorgeous photos! I'm just like you. There are certain restaurants I could not give up for my Sad. But the dance class sounds SUPER fun and I would love to find one near me! Thanks for the idea. :)

  13. have fun getting fit! ha I love taco bell too. I just got a wii fit it's not really that effective, but it is fun.

  14. Lolo don't worry to get fit just do exercise and eat whatever u want but with moderation!!

    Lovely pics! Jennifer Aniston looks amazing!



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