Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gum Drops and Lolli-Pops

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I've finally found a second to update!
My family had to celebrate christmas a little early this year because my brother Brock and his wife were heading to CO to 
hit the slopes.
My oldest brother has 3 little girls so needless to say the day was fun but very tiresome, my mom is already fast asleep and it's 8pm.
I opened just a few of my presents because my parents and i will still have christmas morning together.

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This polish is currently on my nails :)
It is called "birthday party"
which is very fitting seeing that my birthday is Jan 3rd!

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I've already penned a few things into my new Henri Bendel 2010 planner.
I wouldn't survive a day w/o my planner!

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perfect stocking stuffer.
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watch out....these are pointy!
More to come on x-mas day!

This is officially the first christmas that i am 'boyfriendless'.
Yes, I have enjoyed every christmas since the age of 17 with the same boy.
I thought I would feel sad, but it's not so much a feeling of sadness...I can't put my finger on the feeling.
So, since I don't have to buy him a gift this year I am going to buy myself something super duper amazing!
Just waiting for my Blackberry brand rep check to come to mama :)

any suggestions?
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  1. oh my goshhh
    i loove that nail polish!!
    where's it from?
    xx Sylvia

  2. Adorable photos! :) That nail polish is awesome too.
    I smiled when I read you were going to buy yourself something nice. You definitely deserve it. I'm also very glad you're not too broken up on spending Christmas single this year. You are gorgeous and fabulous and really should just be living it up! :)

  3. I love those pictures! The look so cute.

    I still need to buy my 2010 planner. I have no idea which one to buy.

  4. i love those pictures too! So vivid and vibrant!

  5. The nail polish is deborah lippmann :)

  6. Oh my gosh, they actually look just like barbies! ok maybe im a little too excited about that, hahaha. very cute.



  7. omg i really want my hair to be cut like that! so cute!!!

    <3 Kelsey

    ps: i love your blog! i have an rss feed sent to my mail daily :)



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