Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Little girls...

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I like being a girl, despite all of the shit we have to and choose to deal with.

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4 Favorite looks: Emilio Pucci 2010
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The Pucci store in Florence is one of my favorite designer shops so browse around in.
So very 60's Psychedelic.

Today turned out to be a great day.
Before and after class i cuddled up with my blanket and watched 'Roman Holiday' one of my favorite Audrey Hepburn movies of all time.
After the movie i ordered Sushi takeout and went into a small food coma. yummm...

I also kind of stumbled upon/ my guy friend told me to check out this blog written by a girl who goes to my rival school.
Immediately i was hooked, mainly because she writes really well and also because she write about things that girls just don't write about...Check it out...
WARNING: she does not write about fashion.....she reminds me a of the woman equivalent to Tucker Max.
and don't be mad at me if you don't like it. I just found it addicting so i thought i'd share.
freedom of expression, i like.
Who knows maybe the person writing isn't even a girl but i sure hope it is...
Sorry is that didn't make any sense at all....I am wide awake however i should have been sleeping an hour ago.

I'm off to cuddle in my big comfy bed.
Goodnight lovely people

one more thing. Happy 21st birthday to my amazing friend/roomie Lindsey Gall
We are celebrating tomorrow by going to Lou & Harrys bar for silliness and then
off to Crunchies for Karaoke.
Should be a fantastical night.
Lindsey just started a blog. She has amazing style and i am sure you will adore her.
Check her out and leave a birthday comment...
It would brighten up her day considering she just lost her wallet and has a huge exam tomorrow. aarrgg.


  1. Oh wow! You rock!! and I <3 being a girl even though I tend to not fit the stereotype :)

    Thanks for the peeps!! Stoked you stopped by! CS

  2. Such glamorous photos...and I do love Roman Holiday. Perfection. I will have to check out those blogs now. :)

  3. thanks for the visit and the coment!!!
    you blog is great!!! nice pics!!

  4. Hi! Its Steph
    I love your blog, duh.
    Glad I learned how to do this.
    Keep it coming, I get bored in class and this is what keeps me pumping

  5. love that poem, where is it from? really incredible images!

  6. That Pucci collection is awesome, wish I'd visited the store when I was in Florence. Also, Happy Birthday Lindsay, hope you have a great day!

  7. hi i love you, thanks for everything. you have made my birthday wonderful already. xoxo little sugar. we love being girls :)

  8. i love being a girl..
    and the pucci collection is gorgeous

  9. the 2nd dress by emilio pucci is my favourite one!

  10. Ah...your blog is a plethora of gorgeousness, a frenzy of fabulous! Thanks for taking the time to source all those wonderful pictures.


  11. Love, love Roman Holiday and the Pucci collection. Gorgeous

  12. you've got such a unique sense of style! <3 Don't you just love being a girl? :P
    How was your movie? :) I hope you got to get some good sleep afterwards :)

  13. i love'Roman Holiday'too !
    and i like your post ; )

  14. Thanks for the comment :)
    Love love love these photos!

  15. great photos! omg those shoes are to die for!

  16. Pucci has always been on my lust list!

  17. your blog is amazing
    so many killer things
    loves it!!!


  18. Hey lady,

    Your blog is an explosion of inspiration, gorgeous. And sure, I'd be happy to exchange links.

    - Nadia

  19. OMG! This sounds sooo DELICIOUSLY FABULOUS!
    Roman Holiday and Sushi! WOW! I can just savor the FUN this must have been!!!
    p.s. Pucci is solely FAB just like this blog!!!:)

  20. wow
    that girls looks great in the smashing green sequin leggings!
    just stumbled across your blog and will defs be following. so great. :)


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