Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lady gaga: VMAs

I am sooooo amazed by Lady Gaga's performace. Everyone around me is calling her 'weird'.....I hate the word 'weird'.

ahhhh I'm in awe. In a good way. I think...



  1. I love that she is different, makes you always wonder what she is going to do/wear next!

  2. I love her, she has such a great, kooky fashion sense! Keeps you on the edge!!

  3. Yes, i lover her too, she's really unique and fun!!! Love the blog, plz comment on mine

  4. Her performance was inspired. She is so politically wired and knows how to amaze people. In todays pop-culture, over the top society.. it is truly a feat to accomplish what she does. Yay weird! She is fabulous.

  5. I adore her! She is weird in the most fabulous sense of the word. :)

    PS. I gave you an award on my blog!

  6. OMG! I luv her singing, but her outfits are solely HER INGENIOUSLY UNIQUE!!!:)

  7. I don't like the way she dresses or I don't like her interviews or anything.. She seems a bit OTT. In my opinion she just tries a bit hard but any publicity is good publicity I guess. I do like her songs the first time I heard Just Dance I was in awe and loved it for weeks! x

  8. i'm like a sane lady gaga designer when i try to make-a-point style, ..or is it sane?.. chack my looklet. (sepecially the black n white one lolll)


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