Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So Long Sweet Summer

Tomorrow starts the first day of classes. Not even the slightest bit sleepy....Oh well. So, today I took some time to learn how to use my camera. The online tutorials saved my butt, they really helped.

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Yay, My very first Wildfox tee came in today. It is so soft. Will post pics tomorrow possibly.

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Things I loved about you
The way you stared at me when I close my eyes, then you closed your eyes and I stared at you
How perfectly your hand fit in mine
How you seemed so strong on the outside, but I could tell you were so sweet on the inside
The way you said I love you, because you sounded so shy
How during that first time we were alone, when we held hands and talked for hours and finally kissed after so long
How you were so interested in my life and what I was doing
How you remembered everything I said to you perfectly
When you texted me randomly (as little as that may be)
When you told me I’m one of the most perfect girls you’ve ever met
How you were too shy to hold my hand, in case I didn’t want you to
The awkward moments - because they weren’t really awkward at all
Sitting at the table with your family and enjoying myself and you
Taking photo booth pictures with you and you made the best faces I’ve ever seen
Getting high together and making weird animal sounds as we walked back to your house
The way you made me feel after we made out for an hour
How you told me I looked great every time we saw each other - despite how untrue I thought it was
How I sat on your lap when we went on the computer together, and your legs fell asleep but you didn’t care
How even on the coldest nights, you lent me your sweater
How much you have passions for things
Your laugh/smile
How you always made fun of me - I secretly loved it
What a loser you are, because I am too
How you admitted defeat and say sorry when I wouldn’t let you win a fight
The way you made the butterflies in my stomach flutter every time I saw your smile
How much you made me love you.

But now they are things of the past, since we broke up. I’m slowly getting over every one of these ways I loved you by replacing them with things I don’t like about you. I don’t think it’s working too well, though, because I know they will each still be in the back of my head because you were my first love and I will never forget you or a single thing that I loved about you. And truthfully, I still love most of those things. I’ll miss every one of them.


  1. ohh, what shirt did you get?
    i want the vampire teeth one, he he.

    good luck at school tomorrow!

  2. Oh, I LOVE these pictures! The girl's outfit on the train is amazing, as is the one of the girls in front of the Eiffel Tower.. swoon!

  3. such a sweet post! can't wait to see your wildfox tee!!! i dont think they have it here :( xxx

  4. Wow! I luv this post! Especially that FAB living room with that to DIE FOR staircase!!!:)

  5. i love that old teen vogue editorial about dressing for prom!

  6. so inspiring.
    xx cody


  7. I love this post and the pic below where you are playing with the cam! So sexy!

    Olga mwa!

  8. What beautiful words, love like that you'd hope it'd last forever. Looking forward to seeing your tee. I love that note and the tulle skirt.

    Have a great day at school!

  9. Beautiful words...

    Can't wait to see the wildfox tee!

  10. great posts...love the pics


  11. I love the photos!! That poem makes me sad though...

  12. hey, Layne, is that you with the cam ? OMG, u r just sooo gorgeous!!!!

  13. i love the last photo!

    good luck with classes!


  14. Awesome post!!!! I love it!!! The pictures are beautiful!!! (Im using so many !!!s) Anyway, great blog- very nice... I loooove.

  15. What a beautiful post. Love your blog.


  16. Beautiful post...well said!!! Each rings true for someone and your heart will heal if this is you writing. Another love...a greater love WILL come along.

  17. Love the grammar chart! I think everyone needs that posted in their house!

  18. I read Twilight last summer. But I tried reading New Moon & got soo bored. I'm going to end up reading the entire saga, so I understand what's going on in the movies.


  19. oh that quote at the end made me tear up, i can relate to it a hundred percent right now.. ohwell. but anyway, i love the photos of u wearing ur new tee. its suits u perfect gorgeous! (;



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