Monday, August 3, 2009

New Blonde Hair Color

The days of being a "white out" blonde are slowly coming to a halt. I am feeling the itch that tells me that I need a change pronto and also that annoying little thing called ROOTS are really pissing me off. Having a mop that grows at the rate of a pesky weed does in fact have its downfalls.....I mean my dishwater natural color starts to show just one measly little week after a touch up. skrrr. I know, right? So peace out for now Lady Gaga inspired Locks.

Forgive me, beautiful people, but i cannot remember where I found this pic. I think it was from a lovely little blogger. Anyway, focus your attention to the blondie. wow. she is a beauty and I want to revert back to a color similar to hers. Oh and while I'm ordering things from this photo, could I have the nerdy/awesome glasses and aqua eye color on the side? hehe.

Thoughts? I would love to hear um!


  1. yeah, that blond is freaking beautiful!
    im loving your blog!
    added you on bloglovin

  2. hey! yay I'll but you on my blog roll now! Wooooot! haha nah sorry i don't have bloglovin. well i sorta do but don't use it- yet ;)

    xx Lilee

  3. hello there, thanks for commenting on my blog. you have a great blog! :D

  4. both have gorgeous-hued eyes, and that blonde is a nice shade, truly! i'd go for it, if i were you.

    i'm digging your blog, for sureness. <--made up word/real word?

    ps: in total envy mode that you just got a pair of fryes. what model, do you know? haha and i just use an olympus FE-340 8.0 megapixel point and shoot. it does me alright, but i really miss my canon point and shoot that some low-life stole a party..

    but that canon rebel and frye engineer boots are top on my wishlist!

  5. Blog roll buddies it is!
    I'll add you now. :)
    Your blog is super fab. And I totally agree that the days of Bergdorf Blondes are OVER. Gah I want the glasses and aqua eyes too!! I already have the makeup look down. That's what my eyes look like after attempting to put on eyeliner! Yay!

  6. Wow, she does have amazing eyes! And that eye make-up is pretty wicked.. it accentuates her eye-color even more. My fast hair growth is the one reason I neve bothered dyeing my hair. I just don't have the energy to keep redying the roots every single week.

  7. Lovelyy glassesss
    Ahh, I wish I could pull off being a geek
    It fails to look the least bit cool on me, and I just look like my ordinary geek self =/

  8. i love natural colours. i think this girl's blond is perfect. lots of dimension but it still looks as if it could be real. i personally i don;t dye my hair anymore b/c my light brown hair has good natural highlights and it's so long that i had to quit damaging it (i dyed for almost 10 years) but i think blond looks great with high/low can also make your hair more healthy (less bleach damage= stronger, shinier hair) go for it!

  9. The eye makeup, the boxy nerd glasses, the perfectly colored hair * sigh * love it! I happen to have a hair appointment tonight - presumably to "tuck my roots back in" so I appreciate the inspirational pic! ;)

  10. they look like they got punched in their faces...

  11. You're so right! I'm umming and ahing about going for the blonde straight fringe/bob combo but is it just me or does it seem to look better on dark hair! And this look is so hot. I want to be her now! The hair is a little more chilled out looking. She's not the girl looking in the mirror every five seconds worrying about her fringe blowing up or her bleached hair making her skin pale out. She is just having a fun looking completely cool and natural with it. Thanks for the inspiring pic! I'm taking it straight to the hair salon!!!


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