Sunday, August 2, 2009

I wonder what's inside her bag?

Even as a lil tyke I was always obsessed with snooping in other individuals purses. schlepping through my Grandma Betty's purse was the most fun because her bags were always exceptionally large and filled with fun little trinkets and treasured candies.

You can learn a lot about a girl by looking through her bag.

Cleaning out my bag is always a fun endeavor, I'll find beloved lip gloss that I thought was lost forever or dare i say it, taco bell sauce packets from the drunk food run the night before (always good to have around).

So anyway here is my latest assortment of things that I have found in my oh so heavy Marc Jacobs Quilted Stam:

Burt's Bees peppermints
Tree pill box that I purchased in Venice Italy ( I hope to never lose this)
Louis Vuitton wallet which was a birthday present from a few years ago
Annie's Organic fruit Snacks because I am orally fixated (current favorite)
Gucci Aviators that are way too big for my face but nevertheless ILOVEUM
Hair tie
Brambleberry Rose Balm
Freeze 24.7 Plump Lips in WindChill
Kendra Scott cocktail ring that I purchased while visiting my friend KT in Austin
My good ol red I-Pod nano....I am hoping will last me another year...eeshh
Blackberry Storm:I like but am still haunted by those iPhone commercials...damn iPhone ppl
Louis Vuitton key chain that i got last christmas


  1. I looove your bag! & the pictures of Audrey.


  2. those are the perfect items to have in your bag. and also that's a gorgeous bag!
    thanks for your comment lovely, the clothes rack i got from some furniture store, i'm sure they have them everywhere maybe check ikea?

  3. Annie's Bunny Fruit-YUMMY!

  4. Gorgeous bagggg
    Very nice contents too :) haha

  5. I love when bloggers do this.

    Voyeuristic almost.

    Was always meaning to get around to mine, but my handbag is like a suitcase.

  6. i have the burt's bees mints!
    it always trips me out when i taste the mint leaf.


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