Thursday, August 27, 2009

I wanna be a Wildfox Girl...

These photos are just so visually appealing.
eeee...I love them :)

I am off to dream.
p.s. My friend Lindsey just got a really awesome skeleton key tattooed on the inside of her arm. Will post pics soon.

goodnight lovers,


  1. yes! yes! yes!
    this is great. im all over the wildfox spring 2010 collection. it demonstrates everything i LOVE about fashion!

    xxxxxxxfrassy love xx

  2. I absolutely LOVE those photos. I'm going to have to favorite this post. These are looks I definitely want to try recreating sometime soon. Just too fabulous to ignore!

    Your comment about Lily meant a lot to me. I am happy and comforted to know that I was able to portray her the way she was and make people see how special she was. :)

  3. WOW, love all of these photos....yes, I would love to be one of those wild foxy girls ;) Love to exchange links, I will add you right now ;)

  4. Really really cool pics! A bit trashy but oh-so trendy and girly!

  5. I wanna be a Wildfox Girl :(
    Seriously love these photosss
    Wildfox girls always looks sooo cool

  6. Fabulous blog you have here, glad I stumbled upon it! This is an awesome post! Loving these photos for Wildfox, can I too be a WFG? (girl) hehe.

    Will be back!


  7. wow.
    love the photos.
    love every single outfit.
    there all gorgeous.
    who doesn't want to be a wildfox girl?
    would you like to swap links?


  8. i know right?
    i love the girl whose usually on the left. the peace sign shirt she wears is amazing and i love her expression in it (4th pic from bottom)
    i understand why their shirts are expensive (made in la/quality etc.) but it means i can't have too many.

    oh, and about your comment. sienna's is incredible.
    i a d o r e her.

  9. i love wildfox girls as well!! at the photoshoots girls always have a style that's so.."wildfox"!


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