Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My New Favorite Place

Today on our lunch break Courtney and I headed over to Starfruit on Halsted in Lincoln park. The inside is like walking into fun land and the frozen yogurt was delicious...

In addition to being tasty and tangy, probiotic-packed kefir is touted for lowering cholesterol, promoting weight loss, fighting lactose intolerance, improving digestive health and preventing side effects from antibiotics....  - Citysearch 


  1. To promote wellness...enjoy frozen yogurt...excellent idea!

  2. mmmm delicious! it's so hot in montreal right now and i could REALLY go for some banana and strawberry frozen yogurt.

    and your outfit is adorable! love love love that skirt!


  3. Way to inform me of this yummy place. We are doing street team this week, so maybe we will venture over there to get some yogurt and visit you and court.

    Love, Lauren


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