Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Can you remember yourself before you were scared of life?
You will never see yourself the way the person who loves you sees you.
If someone doesn’t want you, they don’t deserve you.
Love is like breathing, you have to let it in to get it out. Learn to be happy with just yourself and you will never be alone.
If you always prevent yourself from getting hurt, you will never know how to deal with pain. What good is armor if you never take it off?
Everyone is someone’s ex, don’t worry about the past if you want a future.
Heartbreak can be interesting, food tastes worse, music sounds better and life seems shorter. The average person takes 21,612 breaths in a day, make them all count.
Don’t waste time sleeping when you’re young, there will be plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead.
Before you can help someone else, you first have to help yourself.
Everyone should go to Paris twice, once single and once in love.
All of your imperfections are what make you perfect.
Don’t waste time thinking about time.
Nothing is perfect, so learn to love the flaws.
The most important person you need to know is yourself.
Someone great only comes along so often, never trade them for someone good.
Don’t be afraid of dying and you won’t be afraid of living.
No one is too good for you if you’re good enough for yourself.
If you never rely on anyone, you will never be disappointed.
Don’t wait to tell someone that you love them, you might miss the chance and trust me, you don’t want that.
Life is not a fairytale, if you want something, you have to fight for it.
No matter how much you worry about the future, it’s going to happen, so let it.
Live it up today, because you may never see tomorrow.
In the end, it’s pretty simple, people want the impossible from you and you just have to give it to them."


  1. Perfect thing to read about now... definitely have to share this on my blog...

  2. it's definitely true what you said. the life is great and you may don't forget who you are in reality. cause when you work and you're an adult and you have an adult problems, you haven't any time to think, really think about life like in the past. but you may do it. cause we have only one life and we have to live it like we want and be happy!


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